Newham Workplace: Creating a better future


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Want to get ahead in the workplace? Come on in and let’s get started

Newham Workplace: Creating a better future

Workplace helps local people go further. Whether you need help, support and training to get into work, or run a business and want to see it really take off, they're your perfect partner.

Workplace connects local people and local business. They'll help you make the most of the opportunities coming to Newham - whether you're after a new job or need some help to get your business into gear for tomorrow.

Jump-start your career...

Workplace will help get your career right on track. Visit them for a listening ear, expert advice and training in a range of exciting and expanding industries. They can even help you prepare for an interview, put your CV together, and give you advice on benefits. It's all about making your next career move a resounding success.

...and your business

Workplace helps businesses find the trained and motivated staff they need. Plus there's bespoke training, help with the recruitment process, quality business advice - and much more.

So if you want to get ahead, come on in: what are you waiting for?

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