Canning Town & Custom House Regeneration

By / 14 January 2008

Canning Town & Custom House Regeneration Projects

At 2.5Bn one of Londons biggest regeneration projects. Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects, EEA.

Canning Town & Custom House Regeneration

At £2.5Bn, one of London’s biggest regeneration projects. Unprecedented regeneration in Canning Town and Custom House.

The Canning Town and Custom House Regeneration Project has been included in the Government's new Mixed Communities Initiatives.

The project includes the building of 8,000 new homes and the creation of 500,000 square metres of floor space in a revitalised town centre.

This £2.5 billion project aims to transform the area physically, socially and economically at a highly accessible location in London, creating a sustainable and cohesive community.

Download the Canning Town and Custom House Masterplan.

Transport links

Canning Town has exceptional links into Central London with the Jubilee Line and two new Docklands Light Railway lines that will link to Stratford International Station. Custom House has been earmarked for the proposed Crossrail. London City Airport is in close proximity to Canning Town and Custom House with direct connections to most European business destinations.

The rationale behind regeneration

Canning Town and Custom House are in the top five per cent most deprived areas in the UK with local people suffering from poor health, low education and poverty. In recent surveys, 17 per cent of the local working-age population have a limiting long-term illness, 17.5 per cent claim income support and 49.7 per cent of 16-74 year olds were identified as having no formal qualifications.

Along with our partners and the wider community, we regard this project as an opportunity to address these issues. The planned redevelopment of Canning Town and Custom House is a unique opportunity for London's East End to establish a new benchmark for housing design and live-ability.


Work has already begun on transforming a largely deprived community into one of the most dynamic multi-tenure mixed community areas in London. There has been an exceptional level of developer interest in the clear opportunities the area has to offer.

We are committed to achieving a positive and lasting transformation of the physical and social environment of Canning Town and Custom House and improve the quality of life for both existing and future residents.

Other support

External support for the project is also very strong with the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), English Partnerships, London Development Agency (LDA), Greater London Authority (GLA), together with a together with a consortium of housing developers and registered social landlords all registering their commitment to realising the vision of Canning Town and Custom House regeneration.

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