Where are all the major developments in Newham?

By Newham.com / 14 January 2008

Royal Docks

Where is all the regeneration happening

Where are all the major developments in Newham?

It is an exciting time for development and change in the East, and Newham is right in the heart of it. Here follows a summary of key developments in Newham and what they involve.

Newham is on the brink of a radical transformation. Ambitious regeneration projects, which are to bring to Newham a population equivalent to the City of Gloucester, including the Olympics and legacy, Stratford City, Canning Town and Custom House will bring thousands of new jobs and homes to the area.

Newham has huge potential for growth and greater prosperity with an abundance of land for development, excellent transport links and a young, energetic and increasingly skilled workforce.

For an overview of where regeneration is happening in Newham please go to: